Conduct /Base Guidelines

Spirit Walkers/RK ShadowS Rules and Regulations

This document is intended to make clear the rules governing our orgs, as well as the policies that shall take hold in various situations.
The rules and policies to follow are not all-inclusive, nor are they absolute; this document should be used as a guide. The SPIRIT of our rules should be obvious to anyone reading this, therefore the specifics noted herein will not be used to find loopholes or test the boundaries of what is acceptable. We assume you are an intelligent, friendly person, and as such, you already know the basics of what is acceptable.

.:Section I:. Code of Conduct

All members and leaders will remain respectful and polite, both to us and to others.
-Excessive profanity, derogatory remarks, and generally intentionally making other people feel bad will not be tolerated.
-Do not spam org chat with excessive scripts or colo(u)rs - you could distract someone from an intense battle!
-Remember that you represent our org in your dealings with others, so this rule also applies to OOC chats.

Org chat is a drama free zone.
-Keep arguments, disagreements, and disruptive conversations in private, in vicinity, or in other chats.
-If you have a disagreement or argument which you cannot resolve privately and calmly, please keep it out of org chat, and ask a General or SC to mediate for you.

Do your part to maintain our good name and reputation.
-Be honest in your dealings with others.
-Do not gank other players.
-Do not train mobs onto other players
-Do not kill-steal in areas and situations where kill-stealing is not generally acceptable.

Do not enter or use the org city during city raids, and do not go AFK or log out from inside the org city.
-Your uninvited presence during a city raid will disrupt it for your orgmates, potentially causing deaths and affecting the level of loot.

Do not trigger unsanctioned tower wars for the org by attacking towers.
-Turn off autoattack and do not have reflects going or pets spawned when passing through tower fields to avoid accidental attacks.
If you need help turning off autoattack, just ask in org chat.

Keep your name in your city shop's name, if you have one, and keep something in it more often than not.
-If you do choose to have anonymous shop names, you can expect them to potentially get closed when shop sweeps are done if room is needed.
-Shops which are empty, not being used for long periods of time, or that belong to players who haven’t logged in a while may be deleted to make room for more active players.
Player shops retain what was in them even when closed, so you can regain anything lost simply by re-opening another shop.

No one is obligated to provide buffs, help, items, etc. at any time; however, you should still help out when you are able to, because that's just the type of org we are!
-The flip side of this is that you should always ask for help when you need it, but you should not assume that you are entitled to assistance just because you are within earshot! Be polite and say "Please?" as well as "Thank you!"

Membership in our orgs and in guest chat is completely voluntary, and as such you may leave at any time as long as it is courteously, with notice, and is not done in anger or because of being upset.
-You will not be welcomed back into org or guest chat if you do not part with us on good terms. The "threat of leaving" is bad form when used as a weapon, so please consider this when deciding if we are the right group for you.

Alts of org members, regardless of side, are welcome in org chat, as long as they are identified as alts via the !alts command.

If you invite a friend to guest chat, please inform a member of leadership that you have done so - you are your friend's sponsor in guest chat, which means you have informed them of the expectations outlined here.

Guests present in org chat are subject to all of the previous rules which reasonably apply.

.:Section II:. Policies


Responsibility for enforcing the Code of Conduct rests upon org leadership.

Generals may take any immediate action deemed necessary to maintain peace within the org and in relations with other orgs. Generals should carefully consider their actions in these matters and should use as much restraint as is practical when taking immediate actions.

This includes taking a leadership/mediating role in chat, kick/ban from org chat, and kicking members from org.

These actions, especially if taken urgently, need to be documented in the leader section of the forums so that all leaders can remain informed regarding corrective action. Urgent actions should be added to Zozoma news so that all Generals and Presidents logging in will be informed.

Such urgent actions, as well as any other actions disputed by other leaders, may be rescinded by a vote or by the president. Generals must yield to the consensus once the matter has been decided.

---Leadership Expectations

Org leadership roles are completely voluntary, and any member of leadership may resign from their role at any time, and for any reason.

Voluntarily stepping down from leadership does not guarantee that the position will remain available at a later time, although in many cases it may.

Leaders are expected to lead by example, with patience, fairness, understanding, tact, and diplomacy. Leaders represent us as a whole and are entrusted with the duty to act accordingly.

If a member in a leadership position becomes inactive for a long period of time, they may be demoted to a non-leadership role until such time they become active again and reacquaint themselves with the organization and membership.

---President’s Role and Appointment

The president of each org is the leader of the org. They set the tone of the org and direct the organization’s overall goals. They assign Generals to specific positions of leadership, and may perform any action or duty assigned to any member of leadership as needed. The president may veto any action taken by leadership. The president is entrusted with the org's overall health and wellbeing, and doesn't need this document to know to act accordingly!

The president’s position is held by a single player and may only be removed under two conditions:
- The President no longer wishes to have a leadership role. Presidents who step down are demoted to Generals and treated with the due respect of former Presidents. They may remain at General level as long as they wish, even if they are no longer actively playing. The title of General is considered honorary for past presidents.
- The President can no longer carry out his or her duties or the President has taken the org in a direction counter to the generally expected course of a friendly neutral org. In this case, a meeting must be scheduled among the leadership and the meeting date must be published one week in advance in the forum and the president notified by email of the meeting date. The president need not attend the meeting. To remove a standing president, a super majority (60%) of the active Generals must agree to his or her removal.

---Vice President's Role

The role of Vice President is filled by the President of the Org and accepted by a majority vote of the Generals. The role of the Vice President is to aid the President in leading the organization, especially when the President is not online. The Vice President is the successor to the President should the President leave their position for any reason. The Vice President role can be reassigned as needed by the President, pending approval of the replacement by the Generals.

The Vice President must meet the same standards as the President and must be willing to assume the Presidency if asked. The role of Vice President is designated so that a player who would be President is able to accustom themselves to the highest leadership role.

The Vice President must yield to the President on all leadership matters, but may make decisions normally afforded to the President when the President is unavailable to make those decisions.

Updated: July 14, 2011