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Anne / Afua

Posted: Wed Apr 04, 2012 4:44 pm
by Afua
Fyi; i recently changed the nick of my toon from Manetti, hence why it shows no history on my char.

1. What is it that brought you to our forums, or has caused you interest in joining our org?
I asked Mustikka

2. If someone is recruiting you and has sent you here, please list there in-game name. (Have you teamed/chatted with anyone from the org)

3. How long have you been playing Anarchy Online and how long as a Neutral?
I have been playing since 2008, on and off. Been a very slow lvler up until recently. I have been neutral mainly all the time, but i do have some med lvl omni toons in Mayhem (OTC)

4. Is this your first Neutral character? Have you belonged to a Neutral Org in the past? If you have just left or are planning to leave your current org to join Spirit Walkers, please explain why.
Yes, this is my oldest char. I were briefly in Neutralizers some days ago, but it was abit too inactive. Before that i were in The League (a good friend is pres, but its a very small org) and Shadow Atlantians is the one i have been in the longest.
5. Please list your alts, level and alignment.

6. What is your in-game char name(s) that you are wanting recruitment on?
Afua, Elian (I have have other omnis: Accra, Samethe, Tumin)

7. Are you a froob (free player/newbie), Sloob or full paid player and what expansions do you have also do you have more than one account?
Full paid player, with one account

8. While we do not discriminate against age, sex, creed, color or any other real life qualities, and we are a 'family' orientated guild, we do try to limit 'adult' talk in the main chat, though as with any situation, sometimes things don't always work out that way, in which case I do ask your age.. it will not have any effect on whether or not you are recruited.
Im 18

9. While we are not an 'RP Org' we do at times participate in the events sponsored by the ARKs and even player sponsored ones, on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being very interested, 1 being none at all.. how much does role-playing matter to you and do you prefer to remain 'in character' (addressed only by your IG name and sticking with the story-line and the like) at all times?
I have never really tried roleplaying

10. Have you read, and do you understand, and agree with the Spirit Walkers/RK Shadows Guild Code of Conduct?
I have read it, and i agree

11. We have many players from all over the world, and do try to schedule raids, events, meetings and the like so all can participate, though it is difficult at times we try our best.. Please give us your time zone and location, and while we do have many people from all over the globe, we are an English (in main chat) guild.. do you speak and understand English enough to feel comfortable in that language environment?
Im from Norway, and im comfortable with speaking english

12. Are you a casual (only on the weekends type of gamer) or a hard core (you'll see me all the time) type of player?
Id say something inbetween, it highly depends on how busy i am with work, studying etc.

13. Spirit Walkers is a Neutral Org, though some players have sided alt toons, the organization as a whole and the org chat are geared toward the Neutral agenda. Pro-sided, slams against specific sides and disrespect to the Neutral agenda are highly frowned upon. Spirit Walkers also maintains a "Drama Free" org chat. Are you able to abide by these guidelines?
Yes, i am

14. What is it, if anything, you hope to achieve from joining the Spirit Walkers.. is there anything in particular that appealed to you?
I just hope to take part in an active org that help each other out

15. Is there anything special you would like to say about yourself or what it was that brought you to the attention of the SW? Do you have any special qualities you think the org as a whole could benefit from such as TS'ing, experienced/old-school player.. twinker extroardinare? (This won't judge on whether or not you are recruited, just nice to know something special about each new (and old) members )

Re: Anne / Afua

Posted: Wed Apr 04, 2012 7:31 pm
by Xira
Welcome! :)

Re: Anne / Afua

Posted: Thu Apr 05, 2012 8:32 pm
by Timal
yay a new girl with us :)
welcome Annne /Afua

Re: Anne / Afua

Posted: Thu Apr 05, 2012 11:35 pm
by Afua
thankyou :)

Re: Anne / Afua

Posted: Wed Apr 11, 2012 4:18 pm
by Ndure
Welcome to Spirit Walkers/RkShadows Afua. You are very lucky, you have one of the best friends you will ever find in game in Urb. I speak from experience. Good Luck on Rubi Ka!