November28 8p EST meeting minutes

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November28 8p EST meeting minutes

Postby Ndure » Mon Nov 29, 2010 2:18 am

[Raid] Ndure: test
[Raid] Ndure: if ur in raid chat please wave
[Raid] Nahbootu: looks like we are all here ndure :)
[Raid] Ndure: no one is saying anything tho :)
[Raid] Nahbootu: being polite and waiting for you :p
[Raid] Rameng: oh
[Raid] Velaria: :)
[Raid] Ndure: if ur in this chat please do o/
[Raid] Nahbootu: o/
[Raid] Docrii: o/
[Raid] Rameng: o/
[Raid] Velaria: o/
[Raid] Nahbootu: u asked everybody to wave and i'm pretty sure everybody did /wave lol
[Raid] Ndure: bad :)
[Raid] Rameng: hahahahaha
[Raid] Softdesire: o/
[Raid] Missnik: LOL
[Raid] Missnik: i just sittin there like lalalalala
[Raid] Ndure: :)
[Raid] Missnik: did i miss anything?
[Raid] Ndure: okay i am calling this meeting to order
[Raid] Rameng: yes
[Raid] Ndure: nope
[Raid] Nahbootu: /pause
[Raid] Ndure: oki we wait a couple mins for more ppl
[Raid] Capitalj: \o
[Raid] Missnik: ^^
[Raid] Soledust: ty nd
[Raid] Capitalj: my team is so amazing btw! :D
[Raid] Rameng: brb I'll catch up
[Raid] Ndure: okay i call this meeting to order
[Raid] Nahbootu: i'll have a beer plz
[Raid] Soledust: make taht 2
[Raid] Capitalj: i got these !
[Raid] Ndure: on the agenda was Christmas Party....Org Events...and hoohaa
[Raid] Ndure: status on Christmas's booked....had no mail dialogue with the gsp ppl so i consider everything running smoothly
[Raid] Nahbootu: as far as xmas party we still need a suc.. umm volunteer to get the basic pants
[Raid] Ndure: our basic sets of armour are still lacking pants
[Raid] Capitalj: is pants a hard quest?
[Raid] Nahbootu: second hardest but not really hard
[Raid] Missnik: it's long. i tried it once and had to fly way far away. it's time consuming.
[Raid] Nahbootu: and nik already has the mesh for it
[Raid] Ndure: i was very surprised this week to recieve a couple of nice donations for contests......we owe some thanks to Xiqy and Forver....they donated a polychromatic each :)
[Raid] Capitalj: hmm oki i have 2 warpers i can help with mebe
[Raid] Ndure: as well as a pair of VTE's
[Raid] Capitalj: nice ones !
[Raid] Missnik: what's a vte?
[Raid] Docrii: nice!
[Raid] Docrii: Virral Triumvirate Egg that
[Raid] Nahbootu: was thinking if we could get a couple warpers we could let a couple very low level alts do the quest and get the missions in newland
[Raid] Rameng: how low!!!! lol
[Raid] Nahbootu: 10-15
[Raid] Capitalj: i could duaql logg them tho neither are in the org
[Raid] Missnik: or fgrid maybe. i got sent to eastern foul hills and that took a while
[Raid] Rameng: I'm 11 but need guidance
[Raid] Nahbootu: the distance from mission is level based
[Raid] Missnik: ok
[Raid] Ndure: until i get onto Ndore and see actually what is in the Christmas hamper that's about all i know for prezzies....cept iirc i got some stuff from Cap already....and i have about 30 million in credits and some phatz left from last year
[Raid] Missnik: greg, do you still have the clothing pieces or did you give to ndore?
[Raid] Capitalj: would like 10 tentecle sets be inaproprate?
[Raid] Missnik: is greg in here?
[Raid] Capitalj: lol nik , major, and i got them :)
[Raid] Missnik: no, they are awesome!
[Raid] Ndure: i will try and sort most of the stuff this then i prolly spend most of my time on Ndore steada me :)
[Raid] Ndure: and no...tentacle sets are always hawt items Cap :)
[Raid] Capitalj: \o/
[Raid] Nahbootu: heyas major
[Raid] Majoroutage: hey hey
[Raid] Capitalj: \o
[Raid] Majoroutage: trying to
[Raid] Sharilly: hi all
[Raid] Capitalj: hi
[Raid] Nahbootu: heyas
[Raid] Rameng: hi
[Raid] Ndure: hiya :)
[Raid] Ndure: back :)
[Raid] Ndure: Org activities.....i have been on RKsbank,supply,armour,'s gonna be a job sorting that stuff!!!!
[Raid] Ndure: RKsupply donated the concrete cushions to make the poly's btw
[Raid] Capitalj: hehe
[Raid] Nahbootu: didn't eli just spend a few weeks sorting it already? ask him to send u the prefs lol
[Raid] Ndure: so a thanks goes to Ami for getting like about a gazillion of them :)
[Raid] Ndure: oh good idea Terry!
[Raid] Majoroutage: my movement keys are kinda broken
[Raid] Ndure: just for AO or for everything?
[Raid] Majoroutage: so dont mind me awkwardly standing over here
[Raid] Majoroutage: well my direction keys
[Raid] Nahbootu: lol
[Raid] Soledust: they did a movement bind key reset
[Raid] Docrii: lol
[Raid] Majoroutage: i can autorun and sit just find
[Raid] Missnik: lmao!
[Raid] Majoroutage: fine
[Raid] Soledust: you gots to do it yourself
[Raid] Majoroutage: yeah i hit reset but ffuuu
[Raid] Missnik: can you go on/follow?
[Raid] Docrii: mine didnt reset.. lol
[Raid] Majoroutage: i use the default keys
[Raid] Majoroutage: yeah
[Raid] Nahbootu: same here.. the defaults didn't reset
[Raid] Soledust: yes i know fc wiped 99% of everyones
[Raid] Docrii: autorun forard a bit
[Raid] Nahbootu: check your numberlock tho
[Raid] Docrii: use mouse to rotate
[Raid] Missnik: there ya go LOL
[Raid] Docrii: and sit :D
[Raid] Capitalj: ima gsf yur but and reely nerf ya!
[Raid] Aleomind: yeah a few keys changed for me and I just use the default ones
[Raid] Soledust: f10>keybinds and setthem yourself :/
[Raid] Majoroutage: oh geez i see the whole list of Inactive now
[Raid] Ndure: and although i wasnt here for it...:/......i hear there was a very successful inf key raid today....Kudo's everyone who participated!!!!
[Raid] Majoroutage: here we go
[Raid] Majoroutage: thats better
[Raid] Docrii: we should organize another :P
[Raid] Capitalj: was alot of fun
[Raid] Ndure: all it takes is for someone to initiate....and spam chat till people join :)
[Raid] Nahbootu: anybody know if they ever fixed clan inf sanct so its comparable to omni?
[Raid] Soledust: i needa molar then id be happy to try and get one going nd lol
[Raid] Nahbootu: omni gets over 100 days to do sanctuary, clan gets 3
[Raid] Capitalj: oh gosh
[Raid] Capitalj: cant you just repul
[Raid] Nahbootu: yah but u have to start over
[Raid] Capitalj: oic :)
[Raid] Majoroutage: that sucks
[Raid] Ndure: so other than Hoohaas i really have nothing to add
[Raid] Soledust: nd whats a hoohaa? o.o
[Raid] Ndure: so im opening floor to everyone....if you want to say something...stand up and be recognized :)
[Raid] Docrii: well you see there are these ladies that stand on corners.. er.. nevermind..
[Raid] Soledust: :o
[Raid] Allequal: am here in spirit
[Raid] Capitalj: hehe
[Raid] Ndure: although i should mention Christmas is coming fast....if you got ideas about better get to work on them....and NO ONE BREAKS THEMSELVES!!!! That's a rule!!!!
[Raid] Docrii: *raises hand*
[Raid] Sharilly: yessir
[Raid] Nahbootu: i just have one suggestion
[Raid] Soledust: so i cant go to 0 crads gettting something to donate? o.o
[Raid] Ndure: Docrii first :)
[Raid] Docrii: What should donations be... i mean.. credits, cool items.. but what else?
[Raid] Ndure: i remember WS donating services but i dunno how that worked out for thenm
[Raid] Ndure: them
[Raid] Docrii: hmm... if i get anything cool ill toss it in
[Raid] Docrii: actually...
[Raid] Capitalj: yea i cant think of anything else really :/
[Raid] Docrii: Active Viral NCU Coolant Sinkx2
[Raid] Ndure: and cool runs the gamut from ql one to ql 400 btw :)
[Raid] Capitalj: services would be kinda troublesome to follow thru on possibly
[Raid] Nahbootu: if we are going to be giving away high ticket items, lets give them to people that are actually at the party
[Raid] Ndure: what i do is hunt stuff i needed while i was's always good for prizes
[Raid] Docrii: ahh.. that makes sense
[Raid] Majoroutage: docrii you wouldnt happen to have a passive compiler would you?
[Raid] Ndure: i agree...the real good phatz should go in vicinity contests
[Raid] Ndure: credz are cool for planet wides
[Raid] Docrii: nope, only done s7 a few times
[Raid] Nahbootu: how about a partybot for raffles?
[Raid] Nahbootu: demmit lol
[Raid] Docrii: *raises hand again*
[Raid] Missnik: phatzbot?
[Raid] Ndure: hmmm i would need help with that
[Raid] Ndure: btw GSP requires that an Officer of our Orgs be present at all times....and so far i have no volunteers for that
[Raid] Nahbootu: i'll be there for the whole party
[Raid] Docrii: make me officer, you have a volunteer :P
[Raid] Docrii: j/k
[Raid] Rameng: I am not sure who officers are !!! lol
[Raid] Ndure: you are an Officer Docrii :)
[Raid] Docrii: i am? o.o
[Raid] Ndure: Squad Commander
[Raid] Docrii: jup
[Raid] Ndure: Officer Status
[Raid] Nahbootu: invite greggy plz
[Raid] Ndure: he's here already
[Raid] Nahbootu: heyas greg, sry i thought u were here
[Raid] Majoroutage: oh just an FYI guys
[Raid] Docrii: anyway, on the s7 note, i believe org S7 raids should be organized.. there are some phatz from there that are just delicious.
[Raid] Majoroutage: bots will be down someday this week while i migrate to a new hard drive
[Raid] Majoroutage: hopefully won't be for too long
[Raid] Ndure: thanks for the heads up Major...much appreciated :)
[Raid] Capitalj: i will freak out as normal :)
[Raid] Majoroutage: lol
[Raid] Majoroutage: moving from a 320GB to 1.5TB
[Raid] Ndure: and ur right Docrii....we need to team s10 just for the fun of it :)
[Raid] Capitalj: yea i havent been there yet
[Raid] Greggy: got it
[Raid] Nahbootu: heyas greg
[Raid] Rameng: hi greg
[Raid] Greggy: heya all
[Raid] Ndure: so any other news?
[Raid] Greggy: this is new for me never bben on raid LOL
[Raid] Capitalj: hi
[Raid] Rameng: srry, gtg greg take notes for me!!! LOL
[Raid] Greggy: kk man
[Raid] Nahbootu: lol cya ram
[Raid] Docrii: bye
[Raid] Aleomind: bye ram
[Raid] Greggy: taking notes in shorthand for Ramm
[Raid] Ndure: cya Ramm
[Raid] Ndure: oki then....if no one has anything else to add i call this meeting closed...second?
[Raid] Docrii: second
[Raid] Allequal: meeting started yet?
[Raid] Aleomind: lol
[Raid] Nahbootu: lmao
[Raid] Majoroutage: lulz
[Raid] Ndure: closed!!! we will be meeting regularly from now on btw folks
[Raid] Greggy: LOL got here just in time i did!!!
[Raid] Ndure: see you in Orgs chat!
[Raid] Softdesire: who needs comp nano's
[Raid] Aleomind: same time next week?
[Raid] Docrii: i bid you all ado (typo)
[Raid] Ndure: yup!
[Raid] Allequal: what no recognitions, no awards, no promotions?
[Raid] Majoroutage: adeui ?
[Raid] Allequal: i want my money back
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Re: November28 8p EST meeting minutes

Postby Amirda » Mon Nov 29, 2010 3:29 am

Let me know if anyone needs more concrete cusions! :P
Also, I'm gonna be shuffling my shuffle pack when I get back. I KNOW I have at least a few cool things to donate for teh xmas party. I just havn't been looking through them lately so I don't know what I have exactly.
P.S. Final crunch time before final exams. Wish me luck. :wink:
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