Firefox Users; read! CLOCKS!!

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Firefox Users; read! CLOCKS!!

Postby enigma » Thu Aug 28, 2008 5:29 pm

FoxClocks: - about page - official link

If any of you use Firefox for your browser, I recommend getting this if time zones, raid planning and the ever loving question of the year... 'what the hell is GMT and -/+ offset?!' lol, this is a Firefox add-on and 100% customizable, and I love it cause we all know I suck with time, coordinating and planning because of the time zones.. this you can set as a toolbar, or down on your status bar, or as a mouse-over (to save clutter) choose what time zones you want to watch, colors, date/time format... I love it, I say that yet? lol.. Hope you guys find this as useful as I have :D

^ probably will be cut off so you can drag it to your toolbar to view in full if you're using Firefox, not sure if you can do it with IE
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