Eligeek's Tidy Bank Toon Guide.

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Eligeek's Tidy Bank Toon Guide.

Postby elimeta » Thu Apr 19, 2007 8:59 pm

The Quick Version:
1) Make an alt, any prof, any race. (except Trox in thong).
2) Open Bank, set Bank to 'Sort by Name'.
3) Buy packs with pretty Icons.
4) Name packs like 'B01 - Fred' etc.
5) Watch packs snap into right place in Bank.
6) Name extra packs like B01A - Burt to 'insert'
them in a specific location in your bank.

The Slow Version: (Originally a Web-Post aimed at very Nubi Players).

Whether you've played AO for 3 weeks or 3 years, at some point,
all the stuff you've collected, (whether it might be 'useful' one day
or not), will eventually become too much for just 1 player to hold.

So, lets put up a simple bank alt, and figure out how to make
it organised, accessible, and easy to maintain. If you like what
you read, you can take it and use it, otherwise... don't. It's
your time, not mine. :)

1) Creation, Prof, Breed.

Who cares. You aren't going to play this fella. If you like Troxes,
be a Trox. (but please... buy something to wear other than a
Thong, I might meet you one day... )

2) Packs.
Packs come in several sizes and types. Mostly, this harks back
to when there was a 'weight' system enabled in AO. Apparently
too many people were killing themselves jumping off cliffs, etc,
so the system was switched off.

What it actually means these days is that:

a) All packs carry the same number of items (21).
b) Some packs are more expensive than others, but have nice
graphics you can use to visually sort your bank out.
c) Yes, I know some packs can be worn and provide buffs.
Very nice, but whats that to do with putting them in
your bank?

3) Your Bank.
Your bank is a storage area, separate from your inventory.
Your inventory and any packs in it, travels with you. Your
bank on the other hand, can only be accessed from a bank
terminal. Most are in shops. Some are outside, either in
a city or an outpost somewhere out in the wilderness.

It can hold 60 items. Not much you might think... but each
one of those items could be a pack holding 21 items..

so theoretically, you can have 1,260 items in you bank.

The window into your bank can be resized... it can take up
the whole screen if you really want... or it can be 1 column
wide. I tend to stick with 3-wide and about 5 deep... you
can see round it enough to target people and trade with them,
or perhaps move round a little, and still have your inventory

4) Naming your packs.
You're going to get a lot of different things. Your also going
to get a lot of the same things, but perhaps in different QL's.
So having a coherent, consistant, naming system is perhaps the
most important thing you need to have. It's the bedrock on
which everything else is supported.

Putting this all into practise.

Go buy a pack. One of the ones with the little clothing item on it.
Open the pack in your inventory, then click on the little 'i' in
the packs window. Options in here allow you to Rename the pack,
and to sort it's contents by name, ql, etc...

If it's going to be a pack full of Graft Armour Sleeves, you might
want to name it:

Armour, Graft, Sleeves

Set the pack to sort by QL, and then set it to List.
Makes it easy to pick out the ones you want...

And thats good, it works, your happy with it. But now, you open up
your bank window, and just throw it into the bank, and it sits in
there, wherever it just happens to land... Which is fine now, but
in 6 months time when your bank is full top to bottom... how are you
going to find it again amongst the other 60 packs?

Well, the little icon helps... and the name helps... but you still
end up having to scroll up and down etc, till you find it. Bummer.

How about if we could make that pack -always- return to the same
slot or place in your bank? Well, we can... with just a slight
change to the bank setting, and to our pack name...

So, on your bank window, click on the little 'i', and select the
'sort by name' option... This will put all the packs in your bank
in a sort of alphabetical order...

Retreive the pack into your inventory, and open it. And lets rename
it as follows...

B01 - Armour, Graft, Sleeves

Now when you put it back into the bank, it snaps into the first slot
at the top of the bank... voila!

Lets look at the convention I've used.

B <- It's a pack in your Bank... If it were I, it could be one you
always carry in your inventory...
01 <- It's the first pack in your bank... B02 would drop into the
next slot automagically... B03, etc...

Note that no matter if you resize your bank window, the packs still
stay in the right order...

But what happens next is the real magic... you carry on playing, and
more Graft Armour Sleeves turn up... and you think, 'oh, I'll start
another pack of those then'. But you've already made B02, and B03...

In fact, your actually on pack B39... How the heck do you get the
packs to stay together without renaming the other 37 packs in your
now extensive bank?

Easy... Name your second pack of Sleeves as follows.

B01A - Armour, Graft, Sleeves

Now, it will automagically slot itself in between B01, and B02...
no matter where you throw it into the bank window, it will always
return to the same slot. A third pack would be

B01B - Armour, Graft, Sleeves,

Or if you wanted all your Graft armour to be in the same part of
the bank, every time...

B01 - Armour, Graft, Helmet
B01A - Armour, Graft, Sleeves
B01AA - Armour, Graft, Sleeves
B01AB - Armour, Graft, Sleeves
BO1B - Armour, Graft, Gloves

So we now have a sensible, working system. It can adapt to new packs
easily, and -it- knows what to put where... you don't have to strain
your braincell whenever you need to add a new pack... or get cramp renaming
everything in your bank.

Hope this has been of help...


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Postby Smokex » Thu Apr 19, 2007 10:33 pm

That was very similar to what I do in my main inventoy. Its why I was so lost without my prefs folder for a few weeks ;). But tbh I just did 1-1 1-2 2-1 2-2 to sort them in a 5 slot grid and hadnt thought of using alphas :P yours works better. Thanks for the idea.

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Postby Timal » Fri Apr 20, 2007 11:06 am

Perfect, thank you, I have now a clearer view of what I will do with Timalou my bank toon.
( '.' )

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Postby procreus » Thu May 24, 2007 6:40 pm

this is also a nice address for a sort of item list of your inventory once its up and running
and ideal so you can price check items you have to resell
http://www.halorn.com/aois.html check it out it got little out dated but still good for some things

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