Eligeeks !Bank Command Guide

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Eligeeks !Bank Command Guide

Postby elimeta » Thu Apr 19, 2007 9:16 pm

The Budabot !bank command allows org members to store and edit a list of items,
which can easily be presented to other org members. Members are allowed to search
the whole !bank, in the hope that someone is offering (temporary or permanent) use
of the item...

!bank puts your items into 'Backpacks' in much the same way as you would use
an actual Backpack to store items in your Bank. Obviously, you want to try and use
the same or similar 'Backpack' names to the names of the Backpacks in your Bank.
If you do not include a Backpack name when you input an item, it will be listed up
as "__________" when you type !bank... Very confusing, so remember to put stuff
into Backpacks!

(If you are going to input large numbers of items, please open a separate window to
Zenecanbot or Swbot to avoid spamming the Guild line... also remember that cut and
paste is your friend... why type in !bankadd Fred 21 times when you can cut/paste then
drag the item from the open backpack).

Please note, the !bank command, and your AO bank, are totally separate items!!
If you have things you do not wish to loan, then simply do not include them in your !bank.
Also make sure you tell the other person if you require the items back!!!

Command Summary

!bankadd <Name of Backpack><space><Drag and drop Item><space><optional Quantity>

Example: !bankadd Fred <Drag Item> 5

Used to add a new item into your !bank. If you input a backpack name, it will be displayed
when you look inside your Backpacks, which can be listed using the !bank command with
no name...

!bank <optional ql-range> <partial name of item>

Example: !bank 30-50 inferior graft armor

Search the whole !bank system for items. Any matches will be listed up in the form of

[QL] [Item Name] [Name of Person who has this Item]


Shows your own bank, as a list of Backpacks, if you included a Backpack name, when
the item was input. If items show as "____________", that item was not given a
backpack name when it was input.

!bank <name>

Look at all items in the !bank of the person named. It will not show which backpack,
just give a big long list.


There used to be a !bankrem command to remove items, but this has been simplified
to clicking on a menu button... To look through your own bank and delete items you no
longer have, use the !bank command to list all your Backpacks. Click on a Backpack
to list the items inside it... Items will be shown in a similar manner to:

[+] [R] [-] [QL55] Inferior Graft Armor Helmet [5]

[+] Will add another of this item, [R] will remove this item from your !bank completely,
[-] will lower the number of this item by 1. (Note: If you remove all items from a Backpack,
it will be deleted from your !bank list...

Any questions, grab the nearest Eli in-game...


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