Ruutana's CL twinking - Putting QL300 Yuttos on a froob

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Ruutana's CL twinking - Putting QL300 Yuttos on a froob

Postby Ruutana » Tue Oct 04, 2011 7:02 am

I recently made a twinking that is prolly done a thousand times before me, but I still feel proud of it as I've never seen anyone done it before. I managed to squeeze four Spirit Infused Yutto NCUs QL300 into a froob opifex agent at lvl191. Getting Computer Literacy upto 1501 was no easy task, but I can give the process so anyone w/ froob toons can take tips from it.

Before I go on I'd like to thank Meatandiiveg, Tood and my fellow countryman Handlessma from Wolf Brigade loaning few of the essential items that made it possible (Anything, right QL nanosleeves and Tutoring device).

1st I calculated how much CL I could get from a maximum (froob) comp.lit. equipment set. Here's my note:

Code: Select all

Giorgis CL buffing:

Base         650 ?

TBoard         220
Beyers         40
Jester         20
Barter Chest   10
Rings         8
Skinchip      10
Imps 63+105+42   210
Trader Buff      260
Comp. Buff      20
Tutoring Dev      42
TOTAL         840

Intelligence trickles
Odin's Eye   40
Comp. Buff   12
VTEs         30
Ear Imp      22
Nano Sleeves   14
Sekutek Set   25
Rings         8
Anything      2
TOTAL      153
CL TRICKLE      38

TOTAL:      1524!

TARGET      1501

Tutoring buff
Base      820
Buff      20
Device QL   168=42, 170=43, 174=44, 178=45 (the CL buff gained from the device, I eventually used a QL173 one :D )

Skill Lock Mod (to get double-benefit from Tutoring device)
Imps      -10%
Veil      -5%
Impr Red Tape   -3%
Last Wish Perk   -20%
TOTAL:      -38%
TARGET:      -34%

It turned out that I didn't need to go all the way to the last point of making the -SkillLockMod thing. But it seems that a froob CAN get SkillLockMod better than -34%, which is required to use Tutoring device second time before the 1st buff runs out -> Giving double bonus from the Device :) All you need is someone to cast that Last Wish Perk on you...

I used this tool to count my trickledown, but I soon found out that my calculations were way too optimistic.. I didn't have 650ish base CL and some of the trickledown had already been included from implants etc.. After testing at lvl190 I found out that my max CL was about 1497 even after eating an Extruder Bar so I had to level up.. After hitting lvl191 I managed to squeeze the remaining point w/o the Extruder and was able to gear up all 4 NCUs at once :)

Here's the final CL twinking setup I used and here's my current froob-twink agent gear setup. I'm really missing some phats like Agent Lamb's loot, OTAF (it's a omni toon!), Legchopper Ring and Proactive Armor.. And a twinked QL240ish implant setup once I hit 200! I want that Focus Rifle o' mine to do some DAMAGE! :twisted:

Comments are appreciated and thx for reading :lol:
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Re: Ruutana's CL twinking - Putting QL300 Yuttos on a froob

Postby Ndure » Wed Oct 05, 2011 12:14 am

Fabulous Ruut! Many of us where aware of the work you did trying to achieve this. It's great to see you share the path you took so others can find the trail easily blazed. Thank You on behalf of our Org for sharing!
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