History and origins of RKS

The RK ShadowS began in a haphazard way. Four players, whom had just recently disbanded from a Guild that was run improperly, met in an old turbine room near the subways in Borealis to discuss what their future would be. The notion to begin their own organization was brought to the table and was agreed upon to give it a shot. From that day the ShadowS became a Guild known for helping others and not being elitists... shunning froobs and noobs such as other organizations tended to do. The fact being seen that the large majority of the ShadowS members were froobs/noobs themselves.

Under the watchful eye of our first president, Calibr8, RKS grew quickly and prospered. Calibr8 was known for his great wisdom and stern leadership, but also fun-loving and the life of the party when not fulfilling his presidential duties. Calibr8 saw the Shadows through some sticky personal situations and set the precedent for what we would become.

At some point after the first few weeks of RKS beginning, Calibr8 stepped down as president and appointed our current leader, Enigmatia. Enigmatia was well known as the Shadows’ resident Den Mother before her rise to the throne. She is liked by and likes almost everyone who she comes into contact with, and does her best to help wherever she can. Though nervous at first about stepping into the position, Enigmatia rose to the occasion and led RKS to a larger membership and higher aspirations.

Currently, our guild has a strong alliance with the Spirit Walkers. We share guest chat with them and they are welcome to make a character to join RKS if they have AI to grab an org shop in the city. We do have towers and are learning to protect them and are doing a wonderful job so far. We are a peaceful guild and do our best to show that fact. Never to be underestimated though, we do not show weakness. When it comes time to fight for our dignity, our right to remain neutral and to protect our friends, org mates and allies, we will not back down in the face of the enemy but stand as one and fight to keep what we hold close safe.

Our alliance with the Spirit Walkers has proved to be nothing but fruitful and beneficial towards both organizations. Working together we have become not only stronger but have also helped each other grow. The Spirit Walkers & RK ShadowS share a common interest, that being the strength and well-being of their members. A wonderful, working success and we look forward to the future we hold with them.