Anarchy Online Vault
Contains news, guides, walkthroughs, primers for various professions, and other AO related features.
Anarchy Arcanum
Lots of great tradeskill tutorials for all types of crafting, plus some other fun features. If you have any desire to tradeskill, this site is a must-see.
Has an items database and various utilities and calculators. Perfect for any would-be twink, or those just looking to gain more of an edge in game.
Kimi's Anarchy Online Resources
Hosted here listings of rare nanocrystals and gives you an idea of their value, though the sell prices quoted here tend to be a bit high.
The Shadowlands Library
A shadowlands forum.
Gives a general overview of Anarchy Online, focussing more on the social scene.
Anarchy Online Universe
Contains a wealth of news, guides, multimedia and references for roleplayers.
The CSPmap is an in-game map for the popular MMORPG Anarchy Online. The two maps that come with Anarchy Online are both lacking in information and most people had been using a map called the Huge Map to augment their game play. Unfortunately, the creator of the Huge Map is no longer updating the map and it is now over two years out-of-date. This new map, called CSPmap, includes all of the additions of the past two years and also some other improvements. (text taken from the website)
Home of various third-party AO applications, such as the infamous ClickSaver. Also found here is Anarchy Online Inventory System (AOIS), Pattern Matcher, PetNamer, and more.
Nano Nanny
Nano Nanny is a wonderful way to plan out implants for your character. It spells out what skills will be required to make and to equip them, and has other features which make it particularly useful. There are other applications that assist in making implants, but Nano Nanny seems to be the most popular to date.
aoParser (Click to download!)
This is a great program for rating the combat performance of yourself, your teammates, or your PvP opponents. It can monitor combat damage, healing, experience and more. It then charts this information on a graph so you can see who's really doing the most damage on your team.
Tradeskillers unite! This page is home to a great resource for making items in AO. Calculates required skills, manages QL's, and breaks down the entire tradeskilling process.
Unity of the Rose - AOScripter 2.0
Big into scripting? This program will help you develop scripts for your AO characters.
AOSkills2 : Teh Incredibly Basic Skill Emulator
AOSkills2 is a character emulator, it enables you to perform "what if" scenarios with your character. (text taken from the website)