President's Note

I would just like to give a formal hello and welcome to all new and existing members, as well as those interested in joining the ranks of the RK ShadowS. Times are tough in Rubi-Ka now, the forces or malevolency are overwhelming and never has there been more of a need for a group of people willing to help each other out to stand against the enemy.

As one of the founders and now current president of the ShadowS, I have stood by and been an active part in the growth of this guild and am the first to say that I have never been more proud of a group of people as I am the ShadowS. I have seen first hand that camaraderie and good sportsmanship still exist.

With our strong alliance with the Neutral Organization Spirit Walkers, the membership has grown and I'm told more often that game-time has been more enjoyable. Instead of one organization to turn to in the time of need or a question to be answered, there are now two organizations to go to.

All I know is that I am proud to be president of this wonderful guild, the RK ShadowS. The group of people that are members currently, I am proud to call my friends, team-mates and feel that I can literally trust them with my (character's) life. They have made my game play immensely more enjoyable and I look forward to watching them grow as well as the RK ShadowS as time goes by.

We have come a long long way, a very tough journey to what we are now one of the most respected Neutral Organizations on RK1 [Atlantean]. We have strived to achieve what most believed we could not. A strong, steady growing and close knit guild, and as of February 28th, 2007, we will have been an active Org for 1 year! We went from mostly froobs meeting on top a small mountain in Borealis to becoming a strong presence in Newland after the occupation of OT in Borealis, to now being proud owners of our very own city in SAV. Weekly meetings to discuss new issues (OOC or IC), schedule raids, and other topics of the day. We have come a long way, and I still stand by what I said almost a year ago.. I am damned proud to be President of this Guild, and to those of you who helped bust your arse to make RKS what it is today.. you have my gratitude and heartfelt thank you.

To those of you who have just joined or are thinking of applying for membership, we hope you have been made to feel at home and enjoy yourselves as well.

Thank you again, everyone.. You all rock :)

-Enigmatia ... 5/9/06-Current. [revised]